Preparing for Divorce: A Guide

What to Look For In a Divorce Lawyer

Want to get a divorce? If your marriage has broken down irretrievably, you can end it by getting a divorce. There are many lawyers out there that are capable of handling your divorce matter, but it's unwise to choose the first one you come across. Knowing what to look for in a divorce lawyer is critical for choosing the right lawyer for you.

Here are some key considerations to make when hiring a divorce lawyer. 

Are They Specialist Divorce Lawyers?

Before hiring a lawyer to handle your divorce matter, you should first find out if divorce law is the focus of their practice. A specialist divorce lawyer understands the ins and outs of divorce law because they regularly appear in court to attend to divorce matters on behalf of their clients.

Do They Serve Clients in Your Area?

In Australia, divorce laws vary slightly across states. When you are looking to hire a lawyer to represent you in a divorce matter, make sure they are qualified to practice divorce law in your specific state.

Hiring your state-specific lawyer will ensure you get a proper court representation, as the lawyer will be well-acquainted with the application of divorce law in your state and any variations that there may be to it.

Do They Have a Good Track Record?

Before committing to hire a particular lawyer, it is important to check their reputation. Do they have an excellent track record of winning divorce cases for their clients? Hiring a lawyer that is known for successfully handling divorce cases on behalf of their clients is vital if you want to enjoy peace of mind during the divorce process.

Do They Make You Feel Comfortable? 

Scheduling an initial meeting with a prospective divorce lawyer is a great way to tell if they are the right lawyer for your needs. Do they make you feel comfortable so you can discuss your situation with them?

Getting a divorce is a sensitive family law matter that requires you to have absolute trust and confidence in the lawyer that will be representing you. Hire a divorce lawyer that makes sure you feel free to say what you want. Disclosing every vital detail of your marriage is essential for crafting a court strategy that will work in your favour.

While there is no legal provision requiring you to seek out a lawyer to help with your divorce case, hiring one is your best bet for ensuring a smooth and fast divorce process, with minimal stress.