Preparing for Divorce: A Guide

Three Reasons to Retain a Family Lawyer Post-Divorce

Divorce cases are often long and frustrating when things do not go right. However, family lawyers must stick with their clients to achieve the best possible outcome once a divorce is settled. Typically, most people believe that the services of a family lawyer come to an end once a divorce is settled. However, it is not entirely true. In fact, letting go of your lawyer immediately after divorce is not advisable. Here are reasons why you need to retain a family lawyer post-divorce.

Name Change

Various things change after divorce, and one of them is the urge to change your name. Although some people do not mind keeping their ex-partner's name, others prefer to change theirs, especially if a divorce is acrimonious. For instance, a partner who divorces a violent husband has every right to change their name. However, if you want to change your kids' names, you must prove that it is in their best interest to do so. Thus, you need the services of a good family lawyer to argue your case. Besides, your lawyer must prove that fraud is not your motivation for a name change request.

Emerging Financial Disclosures

Divorcing partners must provide honest and accurate financial statements to help determine alimony and child support. Unfortunately, some partners hide assets and properties during the divorce process; hence, their spouses are awarded a much smaller settlement. It usually happens when a couple's financial background investigations and analysis are not thorough. However, if it becomes clear that your partner was not honest with their financial disclosures during divorce proceedings, you need a family lawyer to apply for a reopening of the case. A family court will look at the new evidence and issue a new settlement incorporating accurate financial details of both parties.

Compliance and Enforcement

When a family court gives its final judgment of a divorce case, the decision becomes an official order. Therefore, both parties must comply with the directives to retain their rights. Most family lawyers offer their clients advice to ensure they comply with divorce orders and avoid problems with the courts. On the other hand, a family lawyer can help you ask a court to enforce a divorce order if your ex-partner is not compliant. Besides, since enforcement can take the form of an arrest, jail time, or fines, your lawyer can request the harshest recourse based on the defendant's behaviour.

If you need legal help after a divorce, talk to a family lawyer