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Why You Need a Family Lawyer for Will Disputes

When you consider hiring a family lawyer, you may think family law is only for divorces, child custody and adoption. This type of lawyer can actually help with much more. In fact, one of the leading ways a family lawyer can help you is when you are dealing with will disputes after the loss of a family member. If you are dealing with will disputes, here are the reasons you need family law and how a family lawyer can help. 

Validity of the Will

The first thing your family lawyer will check in regards to the will is the validity. This means ensuring that the will is valid and has been registered the proper way. This may be an easy task if there is only one copy of the will. However, if there are multiple copies of the will, it may take longer. The most recent valid will is the one that will be used in any dispute claim and settlement. Once a valid will is found, the lawyer can move forward with your dispute and claims. 

Proper Procedures

There are certain procedures that need to be followed when it comes to planning a will, the reading of the will, and moving forward with the actions requested in that will. One of the most common issues a family member can have with a will is that they were not present during the reading of the will or that the final wishes are not followed. Your lawyer will determine if the proper procedures were followed and if or how the final arrangements or requests were followed. If they find that the proper procedures were not followed, they will move forward with your claim and case. 

Settling without Litigation

The last thing your family may want is to tie up the entire family in litigation for months or years trying to work out the issues with the will. When you use a family lawyer, you can help reduce the chances of having to go through actual litigation. In many cases, the use of a family lawyer can help to settle the dispute in an amicable manner without having to be before a judge. 

When you are ready to seek out family law assistance for your will dispute, contact your area law firm. They will schedule a consultation and assess the situation regarding the will. Keep in mind that you will need to show validation of your disputes and have a copy of the will in order to help the lawyer determine the best way to handle your case. They will determine how to move forward and offer you various options. 

For more information, contact a local family lawyer